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Healthcare is one of the biggest concerns in America, whether there is a pandemic or not. Because of America’s unique position on healthcare, Americans have the freedom to choose whether they would like to have health insurance or not, but choosing to do without health insurance can be financially crippling for those who aren’t wealthy. Because healthcare treatment can run tens of thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost, the freedom to choose to pay for it yourself is often not a popular one. This is where health insurance becomes a major concern for Americans that don’t get health benefits from their employers. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can help insurers who are looking to help these Americans with their healthcare coverage costs.

When Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing First Began

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is a wholly American-owned and operated company. The business got its start as the idea of a disabled war veteran who decided to help the economy grow after defending the country. This idea first got its start in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. In this competitive arena, many businesses relied on getting the right data to make a difference in marketing and sales. The company that began there now has staff with a combined total of over 50 years of experience in the marketing sector.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing began operations before the widespread usage of digital marketing. As a result, the company was fortunate enough to learn crucial, cornerstone lessons in the field of direct mail marketing, a marketing strategy with principles that are just as relevant if not more so even today. This allowed Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing to collect vast amounts of user data and contact information, learning the importance of demographic categorization and how to ensure currency and relevance in data provided to clients. The company’s commitment to quality resulted in steady growth and more demand for increased services.

Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has grown in both the scope of services offered, as well as the scale of its operating influence. What once was a business meant only for Las Vegas, Nevada, has now gone national, serving the entire country, including Alaska and Hawaii. It currently operates beyond the range of the United States as well, covering the whole continent with Mexico and Canada lists available. For clients that want to expand to international operations, even countries across the Atlantic like France now have lists available as well.

A Unique Market

Health insurance customers are a coveted segment of the market. As with other insurance coverage such as home or auto, health insurance is a valuable market because these customers, once they have purchased a product, continue to pay for it every month with premiums, unless they change their mind and decide to get new policies, or switch providers. Health insurance, however, has its own range of different considerations, as different demographics will have different priorities.

A residence with a family member that has a chronic condition requires prescription medication, such as asthma, for example, and will place more of a focus on supplemental health insurance and may provide discounts or copay mechanisms for recurring medical prescriptions. On the other hand, households with children will emphasize child-related coverage, such as dental.

The Challenge of Timing

One of the biggest hurdles insurance providers faces is timing. This is one reason why current leads are so important. People looking for insurance aren’t like short-term consumption customers, such as people buying food. There’s an inherent desire to find an insurer, and, once found, stick with that insurer unless compelling reasons call for a change.

This is one reason why random, mass-market approaches tend to yield lower results. People who already have insurance tend to stick with it. If someone is providing adequate health insurance coverage already, there’s little motivation for a customer to switch. However, if a customer has already decided to make that switch, and is actively looking, this is the best time for insurers to provide the marketing and promotional materials that can sway a decision.

Our Lists Are Always Current

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing understands just how valuable it is to have recently compiled data. This is why one of our most widely regarded services is our ability, not only to provide a high volume of health insurance leads but to ensure that they are recent and still relevant. Having a massive list of addresses is less useful if the addresses themselves are out of date, or the people on the list aren’t even alive.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing, however, doesn’t just compile lists and leave them sitting in a database. Part of our service to our clients is a commitment to currency. We regularly assess our listings and purge any entries that are no longer providing useful data or leads. We know that inadequate or outdated information is a waste of time, resources, and valuable business investment, so ensure your partners are never left in this position.

We also offer numerous ways to access this data and these contacts. Whether you want physical mailing addresses, email lists, or even phone numbers or Text/SMS numbers, we can provide those details. We can also assist with complete start-to-finish direct mail campaigns, taking you through every step from conception to final distribution.

If you’re looking for the best health insurance leads, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can help. Contact us for your health insurance leads, or other insurance leads, as well as any other marketing demographics you want to reach.